How To Start A Blog

How to Start A Blog

Have you been wondering how you start to create your own blog? If so, this is the post for you. Everyone should have their own blog now days, just because there are so many different ways to make money with it. So here is our guide on how you can become a blogger.

Choose The Perfect Niche

Choosing the right niche can be a hard thing to do. This is one of the things people end u getting stuck on. One of things I always tell people is to just choose a nice that they love.

When you love a topic you should be able to write about that topic for posts after post and not have any troubles. It just makes the writing process so much easier when this is the case.

How To Know Whats A Good Niche?

There are a few things you do need to remember though. Just picking your niche that you love is not always the greatest idea. There are. few things you need to research too before you pick that for sure.

For instance the competition that you are going to be facing. Google your keywords and see the competitors that are on the first page. Is it big names amazing, Walmart, etc taking up the entire first page? If so you may want choose another niche instead.

Choose a Great Domain Name

Another big decision that must be made is choose the domain name. This is a very important part of the branding experience so we definitely recommend you spend some time on this. This Weill be something short and easy to remember as well.

Before it used to be very difficult to find the right domain name. Simply because all of the good .com domains were taken already. But now with the new line of TLDs coming in it has made that decision a little bit easier. Now you can have some of the following options.


However, if your .com one is avavbile we still recommend that just because it’s the most common and easiest to remember. Also, we recommend two different place for the domain name purchase.

The first is NameCheap. Simply because they have the absolute best prices on domains period. If you are wanting one amazing new TLDs we recommend registering them there.

Step 1 Register Domain With NameCheap

When start searching for things you will just how their domain names are compared to everyone else.

The last one would be the host we are going to recommend in the next section. Just because they will give you a free .com domain for the first year whenever you go to sign up. So if you decide to go the route you would definitely want to take advantage of that option for sure.

Choose A WebHost

Choosing the right web host has never been more important than it is now. That’s because for the last couple of years Google is taking site speed into consideration when they are ranking these websites.

So you want to choose the right host to make sure your site loads faster than the others. This is why we are not recommending what most people do. They are recommending hosts based on how much they pay them out. We are doing it based on what’s best for your site in yer long run.

The site’s that pay the most like BlueHost, SiteGround, etc. Those guys are on old school HHD hard drives which are horrible for loadings speeds. Or they make you get there biggest plan that is $40/mo to unlock their fastest servers (SiteGround). So that’s why we recommend HostGalaxy.

Why HostGalaxy For Hosting?

These guy are running their servers in the cloud with fastest features possible at 1/5 of the prices of everyone else. And they don’t make you sign up for 3 years to get their best pricing like BlueHost does. They charge Only 4/mo for your first site and do not make you upgrade to get it faster which is why it is the perfect combination.

How To Sign Up For Your First Hosting Account

Now we are going to walk you through how to set p your first account. First you want to make sure you sign up for either their WordPress Hosting plan HERE. Now you should see this below.

How To Setup Hosting Step 1

As you can see they have a few different options, but they all end up prodding the same lighting fast speeds no matter which one you choose. The biggest difference is how many sites you can host and how much store space you have to work with.

How To Setup Hosting Step 2

Now you can see we recommend the first plan above. the only real difference is the first one let’s you host one website at a time. This is going to be good for most people. Now we would only recommend the second one if you have sites already you want to transfer to them or if you know for sure you are going to need more space or may need more than just one site from the beginning.

So go head and hit the “Sign Up” button on the first option. then you should see the following now below.

How To Setup Hosting Step 3

This is where you get to register your free .com domain name. So keep trying until you find something good that is available. If you aren’t sure then you may just start off with your name. But now you should see this page after you hit the “Continue” button at the bottom. 

How To Setup Hosting Step 4

This is an easy part here. Just make sure the hosting plan you see is this one above. If you see the “starter cloud” then you are on the right track. So click “Continue” now and you should be seeing this.

How To Setup Hosting Step 5

This is where you get to select the following. They give many free free things that the other guys charge you for like “Free ID” protection. So make sure to tick all of these boxes, because they are not checked by default. Then hit the “Continue” button again.

How To Setup Hosting Step 6

Here is where you can review and checkout your order. As you can see we have the “Starter Cloud” listed on there. As well as the “Domain Registration” is $0 for the first year. Now Click on the “Checkout” button ands this is going to be the very last step here.

How to Setup Hosting Step 7

This is th every last step here. Just make sure you go in here and make sure you feel out all the right and real information below.

Once, you have gone through and filled out of the information just make you hit the “Complete Order” and then it will take you to the payment option. They have it to where you use credits cards or PayPal.

How To Install WordPress Using cPanel

cPanel and their one click install has made it so easy to install the WordPress software so we will show you this easier way here. Instead of the old school way of downloading files and up loading them to your server. This is a much better and quicker way all around.

First you need to login into cPanel. And then at the very bottom of it you will see their one click install software. It should look like this here.

How To Install WordPress Step 1

As you can see WordPress is the moist popular so they have it listed first. Just click on the big “W” emblem to take you to the setup page. Now you should see the following.

How To Install WordPress Step 2

This the first page. You need to click on the “Install Now” button and that’s it. That should then bring you to the main setup page where you put in all of the options we will look at below.

How To In stall WordPress Step 3

There are a few options you need to change here. The first one is the domain name you want to install it on. If you only have one domain name, that one should be autoseelcted. But if not, go head make sure you choose the one you want do it on. And then I also go ahead and remove the “WP” form the directory. I always want it in the root myself.

Next , is the Site Name and Description. This is pretty self explanatory so go fill out that section. You don’t have to be too picky these. You ca always change this again later on inside WordPress afterwards.

How To Install WordPress Step 4

Here are the most important parts of this setup. Make sure you create an admin username, password and email you want to use. And also make sure you write these down somewhere so you don’t end up forgetting what the are.

There is also an option here for the classic editor to be installed by default. We do not recommend this unless you are super experienced with it. For beginners the new one is going to be much easier tolerant from and is going to be the future of WordPress. Now you should see the following at the bottom pf the page setup.

How To Install WordPress Step 5

How To Install The Perfect WordPress Theme

One of the very last steps, but also super important is installing your theme. There are a few options on doing this. Some are free and some are paid. There are some important things you need to make sure when choosing them too. Here are just a couple of them

  1. You need to make sure it is mobile responsive. This is very important now a days because it helps you rank higher with google, but also makes sure your users on mobile have a good experience on your site and want to come back again.
  2. It needs to be fast and secure. Speed of a site is one of ranking factors google uses. So you want to make sure you choose one that is built with that in mind.
  3. Seo friendly theme is a must. Many themes don’t worry much about this and more concerned with the look of it rather than how search engine friendly it is. So make sure it’s a combination of both.

Sites For Good Speedy and SEO Friendly Themes (Free & Paid)


WPastra Theme Free and Pid

This is an amazing theme for many reason. One of biggest reasons its because of it’s speed and easy of use. They created all of their one click import sites with speed in mind with this whole new generation of ways google uses to rank these sites.

They also have a free and paid version of their theme. I personally decided to go with the paid version just because of all the excellent features you can use when you are using this with another plugin called Elementor. It’s a pretty killer combination.

GeneratePress theme

GeneratePress Theme

This is another theme many people are using now a days. It’s another one that has been built with lightning fast speed in mind and it holds by those promises. I know because I have the free and paid version of this one as well.

They also have a free and paid version as well. If you decide to get the paid version you unlock many features you couldn’t do with the free version and they also let you import those demo sites with just one click.

WordPress.Org Free Themes Free Themes

Here is where you can view all of these free themes that is available on their own site. They have thousands and thousands of themes that you can download and install. But the best way to do that is through the admin dashboard. We are going to cover that text, so you don’t have to download any free themes at all on here.

So we recommend buying or using one of these themes above. There are many others as well you can use, but these are the ones ew have tried and tested and actually stand up to what they are marketing.

How To Install Your New WordPress Theme

Now that you have chosen your theme that you want to represent your brand, installing this theme has become super simple over the years. We will show you just how easy it is now.

First you just have to make sure you are logged into the admin area. Then you should see the following options on the left hand side.

How To Install A WordPress Theme Step 1

Now just tap on the Word”Appearance” on the left hand side and then on the “Themes” option after that. That is going to bring you to the themes menu where you have a couple of different options.

How To Install A WordPress theme Step 2

From here you can see the “Add New” button at the very top. You should go ahead and tap that button. The you will to come to this final stage where you will have a couple of different options based in which theme you decided to go with.

How To Install A Theme Step 3

If you had bought a premium theme from another website you simply hit the “Upload Theme” in the top left up there.

However, if you had found a free theme you want go with instead you can search for them and install them from the dashboard here. You can see where I typed “Search For Free Theme Here.”

Let’s search for the Astra Theme, by typing astra in the search bar below.

As you can see you just need to hover over the Astras image and then you will see the “Install” button below. Once, it install you will see another button in the same exact spot as that one the says activate. So click on the “Activate” button to make it official and now you will be racing your brand new theme.

Must Have WordPress Plugins and Pages

There are a few Pages and Plugs you should have from the3 get go on every site and/or blog from the get go. Here are a few of these must have.

Must Have Plugins

  1. Yoast Seo – This is a WordPress plugin that takes your website and makes you that all of your pages and posts have SEO in mind. They make sure you have the Right H1, H2, etc on every page you make. They also make sure your post in readable and has the right mix of everything on every page. We use this on every site we build and so should you.
  2. LiteSpeed Cache – This is plugin that goes with HostGalaxy Lightning fast LiteSpeed Cloud servers. It basically makes sure everything loads 10 times faster. It also makers so you no longer need a image caching plugin like WPRocket. These actually make your site faster than their plugs does.
  3. CloudFlare CDN – This is another must that works perfectly with their cloud servers. It can speed sites up to two times o more depending on how slow the site was before.

Must Have Pages

  1. Home Page – You must have Home page. However, if you don’t want your own custom page you can go ahead and just make it so your blog posts show up here.
  2. Services – A Page that tells people what it is you offer. This could also be store page as well if you are making an e-commerce blog of some kind.
  3. About Us – Another must have. You to make sure to go personal as well. Make sure people know who you are. Make sure to go into depth as well. So they know about your history and why they should be on on your site and continue to come back in the first place.
  4. Privacy Policy – This is one of the last must have pages. If you are going to be collecting emails or making money with affiliates products and Adsense then this is where you would want to list it.

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