Challenges for a digital marketing career in Pakistan

Challenges for a digital marketing career in Pakistan

With the dawn of the 21st century, the world became a global village. And with that, the importance of the digital market industry has also increased. The business started growing even more. Digital marketing is a component of marketing that utilizes the internet. The huge development in the digital business, by the 1990s onwards, changed how brands and businesses utilize technology for promotion. With the rising demand for this industry, the world’s top-notch institution from throughout the world started changing the program. They began offering different degrees applicable to the digital advertising industry. Companies, to mitigate the fluctuations in the digital world, started hiring these digital marketplace pros. But developing countries like Pakistan still have a whole lot to do in this field. The youth who wishes to go for a career in electronic marketing is facing numerous challenges. This paper talks about those struggles, alongside their own solutions.

The different types of job that can be done in the digital marketing industry are as follow:

● Blogging
content writing
● web development
● web design
● Market research.

In Pakistan, many students, after the completion of high school (Cambridge A-level, FSc), want to pursue their career in digital marketing. But it is almost impossible to do because of the present digital market career situation in Pakistan. The challenges in this industry are as follow:

Challenges (relate to institutions)

No professional degree is offered:

If you want to pursue your career in the digital market industry, the most you can do is to enroll for a 5-month course or diploma. No university, in Pakistan, is offering a 4-year degree. There are some institutions with are offering digital market as a minor, but if you want to opt it as major you might not foresee your future in Pakistan

Challenges (related to career and work sector)

  1. Dos and Don’ts aren’t defined
    As this industry is relatively new, things are not formally defined. The newbies struggle to figure out the ‘do’s and don’t’s’ in this industry.
  1. Difficult to find a mentor
    Due to the lack of education in this particular industry, the newbies find it very hard to find a mentor. So, they have to experiment a lot, which further increases their chances of failure. They also take more than average time to learn the skill. So  it gets challenging for someone who wants to join this field passionately
  1. Communication Skills/Written and spoken English.
    If you want to join this industry, not only you have work on your digital marketing skills, you also have to master communication skills. You often have to deal with clients who don’t speak your native language. There will always remain a communication barrier if you both won’t be able to understand each other completely. And a little misunderstanding can jeopardize your career. So mastering these particular skills is a must!
  1. They (Digital marketers) have to create constant content. Or else the audience may go away.
    This is also one of the biggest challenges in a digital marketing career. If you are working for a digital market company, and you are handling their social media, you have a big responsibility. You constantly have to create new and unique content. You have to engage the audience. You have to be trendy about your posts. You have to create polls on Instagram to connect to your audience. If you fail to do so, you might lose the audience. A friend of mine started an Instagram photography page. He used to post pictures thrice a week and was able to gain 60-70 likes on each post. But then he took a break for 2 months and on coming back he started again but this time he was only able to gain 20-30 likes on each post. So, if you get inconsistent about the content you post, you might not be able to engage to a larger audience and even lose a major chunk of your target audience. Likewise you, as a digital marketer, have you come up with innovative ideas regarding your content.

Challenges (related to payments)
Online payment systems in Pakistan are not as effective as other countries. The key player in online payment is “Paypal”. Paypal operates in more than 190 countries but doesn’t operate in Pakistan. Former Finance Minister, Asad Umer, Asad Umar committed to bringing PayPal to Pakistan, but could not succeed.

Challenges (related to clients)

High Expectations of clients

To deal with the high expectations of the client. The clients who have little knowledge about this industry, expect that their sales will grow as soon as they sign the contract with a digital marketing company or a digital marketing freelancer. But in reality, to make the campaign successful, the digital marketer has to go through several processes. Some of these processes are as follow:

  • Primary Research
  • Secondary research
  • Psychographic Analysis
  • Market research
  • Audience research
  • Strategic planning

When the company goes through these processes, only then can a company launch a campaign.
When the client does not get overnight results, he starts blaming the company resulting in the negative publicity of the company. There one problem in dealing with the client, the representative of the company finds it difficult to convince the client to invest even more money to increase the traffic and engagement and make the campaign successful.


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Post Written by Muhammad Saad

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