6 Ways To Make Instagram More Effective For Your Business

6 Ways To Make Instagram More Effective For Your Business

It is the fastest growing social network in recent times. In just one year, it has reached 800 million active users and Instagram Stories today reach up to 300 million active users every day. Do you know what all this means for a brand?

Valuable and important business opportunities, but also a lot of consequent competition to deal with. So how do you behave? What to do to really and effectively take advantage of Instagram opportunities?

Here are 6 tips to optimize your presence on the social visual and to make the most of resources and investments.

1. Use hashtags to reach targeted audiences

The hashtags are always peculiarities of Instagram and often were and still are used incorrectly. Each post, in fact, can contain a maximum of 30 hashtags but what matters is that these are consistent with the content you have posted and that they are of interest to your target audience.

There is a new precious possibility, however, that from December you can and must learn to exploit. Instagram users can now follow the hashtags they want and this gives you huge opportunities.

By observing which hashtags your target audience follows (you can view the list in their profile, below), you will be able to understand what is of interest to them, how you can intercept them and which hashtags (relevant and coherent) you can use to ensure greater or new visibility to your posts.

Also consider that Instagram now highlights related hashtags in its search options and this could prove to be a precious opportunity for visibility

2. Encourage your target audience to follow your brand’s hashtag

You have your own personalized hash, too, don’t you? Well, remember, encourage and encourage your fans to follow him, perhaps by promising him (and then offering him really) new content, unexpected surprises or private promotions.

This will help you develop dialogue around your content, increase the visibility of your brand like Tech License and encourage people’s loyalty.

This is particularly important, in addition, in the case of events, when the hashtag becomes a valuable listening and monitoring tool and can help you increase participation in the event and also its media exposure and coverage on social networks.

6 Ways To Make Instagram More Effective For Your Business

3. Your content must tell you

I know you have your head and eyes full of the words Storytelling and storytelling, but it is equally true that if you do not strategically develop your story, you will hardly be able to meet the interest, curiosity and affection of the people of your interest.

The difference lies precisely in the coexistence of two factors:

The story must be yours and tell you in a unique, real and personal way;

The presence of a strategy. What does your target audience care about? What can surprise you? How do you prefer me to communicate with him? By what means, with what language, with what formats? And how can you make yourself unique and distinguishable in your sector of reference? Answer all these questions, then choose what to tell about yourself and how to do it in the most effective and empathetic way possible.

4. The visual composition remains (again and always) the key to success

Don’t forget that Instagram is a social network with a visual nature, so it is essential to take care of and define the content and style of your images on time. In particular, my tips are:

Develop a precise and well-defined visual strategy,

Define your own personal and unique style and communicate it with clarity and consistency. In this way you will be distinctive and stimulate people’s affection,

Analyze and choose the contents, layouts and formats that work best for your target audience.

5. Integrate Direct Messages into your Instagram SEO strategy

Instagram has increasingly become an instant messaging app: almost half of users use direct messages, although most do it exclusively with a small and usual number of friends.

That’s why new features have also been introduced for Direct Messages, such as the possibility of including links, photo editing tools and the opportunity to share stories via DM.

The question is this: you have to find the right way to use direct messages, without annoying and annoying your followers but offering them an extra tool of dialogue with you.

6 Ways To Make Instagram More Effective For Your Business


6. Take advantage of Instant Power

Instant content, immediate and unfiltered, real and real-time, those that stay online for a short time (usually 24 hours) and then fade away, that’s what people like and entertains and intrigues.

Telling something about you and your daily life with few or no filters, spontaneously and immediately, in a close and conversational way will make you attractive and interesting.

Instagram instant content, i.e. stories and live broadcasts, is just like this and for your business, they are unmissable opportunities.

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